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Ideal Bee "Scorbeeion" Description and Reflection

Updated: Nov 2, 2021



  • Resilience against Varroa Mite

    • Varroa Mite

      • Parasite that feeds on honeybee’s hemolymph fluid

      • Attaches to the abdominal folds of an adult bee

    • Effects of Varroa Mite

      • Wing Deformities

      • Shorten lifespan of adult bees

      • Feed on larvae & kill immature bees

      • Increase virus levels & susceptibility in colony


Scorpion Tail:


  • Contains honeybee venom and kills mites

  • Can be used to remove mites on themself and other bees


  • Adds weight to the bee and makes flight more difficult

  • Bees need larger cells for laying eggs due to larger size bees




  • Made of metal so mites can not easily attach to the bee

  • Metal is black to reflect less light

  • Protects from stings from other bees


  • The metal reflect more light than a normal bees skin and attracts more predators

  • Black metal absorbs and retains more heat from the sun

  • Metal adds weight to the bee making flight more difficult


Mite Sensing Antennas:


  • Antennas can sense mites so the bees know who in the hive is infected and if other hives are infected as well

  • Bees can sting varroa mites that make it into the hive


  • May lead to more CCD due to bees trying to escape the mites


Larger/Stronger Wings:


  • Counteracts the flight difficulties from the scorpion tail and armor adding weight

  • Enables the bee to fly further to collect nectar and pollen

  • Wings are clear to minimize visibility from predators


  • Increases the needed cell size even further

  • May increase energy output for bees





  • We ran into many difficulties during the creation of out ideal bee including:

    • We were unable to cut the bees wings and the scorpions body from them in the file, so we had to do so after the model was 3D printed.

    • The legs and antenna did not correctly 3D print due to the small scale so I had to make the antenas out of wood sticks and the legs out of hot glue.

    • The scorpion tail does not reach the bees back as expected and needed to be bigger and longer but we did not have time to reprint.

    • It was extremely difficult to unravel the yellow string and superglue it to the bee as fur without it sticking to my fingers, the table, and everything else.

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